David Bryant Perkins Award Winning Screenplay Writer

David Bryant Perkins is a world traveler who has lived on four continents studying history, philosophy, human behavior, music, art, & “the unknown’ within many cultures and has published works in Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Russia & the United States. Screenplay writing began after hearing “…this would make a great movie!” often on his second book – Hitler’s Astrologer – a historical drama based on the true story of how the Third Reich used astrology and the occult before & during WWII.

Since 2014, all of David’s screenplays have been Official Selections & voted Best Screenplay in Film Festivals all over the world, and has created a lecture/workshop for students to improve their writing proficiency scores and for veterans as a form of therapy.  David’s latest script – The Man Who Beat Mark Spitz – the true story of his college swim coach, Midland’s own Doug Russell, is currently in production and has been recognized at such prestigious film festivals as Sochi International (Russia), Oaxaca (Mexico), the International Family Film Festival (Hollywood), as well as Best Screenplay & Audience Favorite at the Christian Film Festival (USA).

Currently in dissertation for his Ph.D. in the field of Online Instructional Design, David has designed online courses for foreign languages, chess, astronomy, and is an adjunct professor at Midland College for an online screenplay writing course specially designed for those authors wishing to turn their books into screenplays.  More information at: