Sara Barnard is a native west Texan, conservationist, mother of four youngsters, certified elementary teacher and certifiable Gypsy. Sara and her children have made their home in places all over the world, from the beautiful Oklahoma plains to the eclectic mountains of Vicenza, Italy.

Sara began writing in the third grade and realized her passion for the pen (er, pencil) when she won first place in an essay contest. The subject was animals and Sara wrote about the life and untimely death of her beloved tomcat, J. Thomas O’Malley. Too embarrassed to listen to her essay being read aloud at the P.T.A. meeting, Sara hid in the hallway until the assembly was over.  In the sixth grade, Sara had her tonsils out and received as a gift from her parents, a copy of Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove, which proved very influential to her in good times and bad.

The pull of adventures just waiting to be had coupled with her love and admiration for nature and the wilderness kept Sara on the move during her teenage summers with The Student Conservation Association. From Alaska to the wilds of New Mexico, Sara has piloted small aircraft, counted bats, tracked mountain lions, relocated rattlesnakes, hiked with black bears, and fallen in love over and over again with the roads less traveled.

After earning her degree in History, Sara experienced the scariest adventure of all: children.

Three little ones later, Sara decided to put finger to keyboard and wrote her first novel: A HEART ON HOLD (Prairie Rose Publications).  The many revisions and edits that took place next weren’t entirely completed until well after her fourth baby was born. Now, Sara and her beautiful children and pack of rescue animals make their home in the far reaches of the west Texas desert.

Sara’s award-winning publication list has expanded to include Civil War Historical Romance, Amish Romance, Amish Adventure, Christian Western, Time-Travel YA, Light Horror, Native American Middle-Grade fiction, Children’s Nonfiction, anthology pieces, and picture books.

She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Hearts Through History, Permian Basin Bookies, Western Fictioneers, and numerous nameless writing groups who gather where the company is good and the coffee is fresh.

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