Elizabeth Sims/ Author and contributing editor at Writer’s Digest


Elizabeth Sims

is the author of the Rita Farmer Mysteries and the Lambda and Goldie award-winning Lillian Byrd Crime Series, as well as other fiction. Her work has been published by a major press (Macmillan) as well as several smaller houses, and she publishes independently under her own imprint. Elizabeth is a contributing editor at Writer’s Digest magazine, specializing in the art and craft of fiction.

Her instructional title, You’ve Got a Book in You: A Stress-Free Guide to Writing the Book of Your Dreams (Writer’s Digest Books), is recognized in NaNoWriMo’s “Books We Love” and is a favorite of writers everywhere. Elizabeth belongs to several literary societies as well  as American Mensa.

How to Write a Dynamite Mystery or Thriller that SELLS

Written and presented by Elizabeth Sims

Mysteries and thrillers are the most exciting forms of fiction being written today, with millions of readers eager for new stories. Especially in today’s digital-boom market, agents and editors are hungrily searching for fresh talent.

Join successful mystery novelist and writing authority Elizabeth Sims as she de-mystifies the mystery and thriller forms and shows how you can start with a basic idea for a story and build a novel-length plot from there. You’ll learn a unique way to brainstorm and write useful chunks of draft material, which will be valuable whether you’re inexperienced or have work in progress. You’ll find out why subplots are so important in these genres and how to weave them into your main plot. You’ll also learn how to make your characters and settings come to vivid life.

Newbie pitfalls and how to avoid them will round out this exciting, two-part workshop.