David Bryant Perkins Award Winning Screenplay Writer

Growing up on B-52 bases between Texas and California, David became a state champion and 3-time All American in swimming during high school, and became interested in science, history, human behavior, art, and the “unknown”.

Graduating from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1977 with a degree in Psychology, and teaching credentials – David applied the art of teaching to further his education in other areas of life. His interest in metaphysics and the paranormal began as a child often gazing at the stars, then learning how to read tarot cards while in high school.

Interest in astrology began in 1975 while working on a behavioral lab project in university – the results of which showed this ancient art of describing and predicting behavior outperforming other standard methods of psychology. David has since been on four different continents studying astrology’s history, philosophy, methods, and uses within many cultures. In 1985, he completed the first ever instructional and certification course ever given for (map on right) Astro*Carto*Graphy in San Francisco by it’s developer, the late Jim Lewis.

Since 1983, David’s astrological / metaphysical work has been published throughout Europe, from technical articles in journals to magazine pieces and entertainment weekly forecasts. For 10 years he was the featured astrologer in Germany’s largest weekly woman’s magazine Bild der Frau. While playing chess in a Hamburg city park, David ran across a veteran astrologer who worked in the SS Department of the Occult – The Black Sun – leading to the works of Karl Ernst Krafft and other personalities who developed the occult for the Nazi war machine; thus becoming the catalyst for the historical novel and screen play Hitler’s Astrologer.